What is Miracle Pay?

With Miracle Pay, you can shop with cryptocurrency at a MiracleCash member’s workplace or in any other store. With our application, you can transfer the amounts from your MiracleCash account to the workplace account and complete money transfers quickly.

Is Miracle Pay valid everywhere?

Miracle Pay is valid wherever cryptocurrency is used, and we have a partnership. You just need to have a Miracle Cash and More account or Binance wallet to transfer money.

Is Miracle Pay safe?

Miracle Pay is a secure, fast cryptocurrency shopping platform with global partners such as Trulioo, Lloyd's Of London, Fireblocks. All transactions are insured by Lloyd's Of London.

What is Miracle Pay Assurance?

All our customers' investments are stored in offline environments accessible only to our authorized company employees. Our servers are monitored 24/7 by professional security personnel and with leveled procedures accompanied by security cameras.

Are cryptocurrencies safe?

Cryptocurrencies are encrypted with strong security thanks to the Blockchain technology, and this network is one of the largest distributed computing projects in the world, thanks to this centralized system, your money is kept encrypted in this month. Miracle Pay provides secure storage of your money in our system by introducing protocols required to confirm transactions in this system Thanks to Miracle Pay, you can safely make transactions with Bitcoin and other crypto currencies.

How does Miracle Pay provide security?

Only you can access your account with Miracle Pay, which offers multiple verification security; therefore, you can keep both your hot and cold wallets secure with the login codes and verification you have created for yourself. We also benefit from our partners such as Trulioo, Llyod's Of London, Fireblocks to keep security to the maximum. In addition, payments made with Miracle Pay are guaranteed by EU Financial Institution

Why should I become a Miracle Pay member?

With Miracle Pay, you can make your payments with Bitcoin, Ethereum, XRP, Cardano, and other cryptocurrencies fast and easily under Miracle Cash&More assurance. You can track your payments at the Miracle Pay app under our guarantee while you make your transactions quickly.

What is Miracle Pay insurance?

Your Cryptocurrency purchases via Miracle Pay are 100% insured globally with Miracle Cash&More assurance. All your transactions are secure against possible digital attacks.